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        Basing on the principle of “integrity, practicality, innovation, and service” and the principle of “unity, harmony, and high efficiency”, and Tai-Shing has obtained ISO9002 and ISO9001 certification which is the basis for comprehensive quality management. After 2003, under the impetus of consciously improving quality, meeting market demands, integrating international trends, and moving toward business excellence, TSE has optimized TQM, which creates a win-win-win situation for customers, TSE, and suppliers。

◆Apply QS9000 and ISO/TS16949 quality management systems and IECQ QC080000 Hazardous Substances Management system make the management process more solid。
◆Apply of DOE experiment planning method, statistical training and Minitab to develop the habit of using statistical data as a judgment。
◆Use 8D problem solving procedures, 6 Sigma management, and reward systems to increase the ability and willingness of staffs to solve problems。
◆Apply Quality Operation System Review (QOS) and quality cost system to improve the management of business performance。
◆Promote and implement Six Sigma activities to continuously improve quality, yield and process efficiency。
◆Build process information collection and feedback systems to increase integration capabilities of data and the speed of decision-making response。
◆Establish a comprehensive and instant quality information platform to improve response time and energetic problem-solving abilities。
TSE is committed to customer orientation to implement the following quality policy. Preventing problems and pursuing zero defects is always our highest goal
Quality Policy

        Aim at providing zero risk deliverables, all activities including application, design, delivery, production and services are taken to ensure continue improvement is conducted in full scale by all staff, hence to achieve the business continuity and customer reliance。