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        TSE has effective and diverse incentive plans to reward and motivate peers with outstanding performance. Besides, the compensation management systems which are externally competitive and internally fair can maximize potential of staffs。
TSE follows the principle of 3E
Benefit list
Festival Benefit Annual Bonus ,Dragon Boat Festival Bonus, Mid-Autumn Festival Bonus or gifts
Marriage & death subsidy Delivery cash gifts, Wedding gifts, Birthday gifts, Hospital Visiting, Funeral consolation money
Insurance Pension, unemployment, medical, working injury, maternity, housing fund, complementary medical insurance
Annual leave 5-15 days of annual leave according to working years
Paternity leave 10-day paternity leave for male staff
Convenience stores Provide employees convenient and quality life
Staff dormitory Dormitory equipped with heating and air conditioning, bath hot water, drinking water, Internet broadband, etc.
staff canteen Company dining allowance, regular free fruits, rich dishes, independent choice, comfortable environment
Annual bonus According to the company's annual profit status and the results of the employees' annual performance, and the monthly salary is guaranteed for several months each year.
Activities Domestic and foreign tourism activities, employee sports games, banqueting and staff lotteries, all kinds of ball games, book clubs
Other facilities Table tennis room, audio-visual room, basketball court, badminton court, free entertainment