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Solenoid manufacturing Flow Chart
一、 Material Prep
IQC will do Quality inspection and screening to material and component。
二、 CNC
  Parts Fabrication is the assembly of components. During the Process, operators work following  Standard Operating Procedure。
三、 Coil Winding
  Coiling—Lead wire fixing – Solder--Insulation。
四、 Assembly
  Assembly is the assembling process of all components. During the process, all departments work following the Process Control Plan (PCP): operators strictly work following  Standard Operating Procedure; production do the first article inspection by themselves to control quality; QA do inspection in first article inspection, manufacturing process and finished products inspection following inspection specification; FE will do inspection of running status of equipments on time. Through these measures, TSE can ensure quality and stability。
五、 Function Testing
  Function Testing is the procedure to test whether products meet clients’requirements . Inspectors test each property of products following standards to ensure the capabilities of products meet customers’ requirements. The main test items: dimensions inspections, electric characteristics inspections ( resistance, withstand voltage, insulation)。
六、 Packaging
  Packaging is the last procedure of manufacturing process, including pallet, container, packaging and etc. It is implemented strictly following packing standard during the operating process。
Manufacturing Capability

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