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        People are the basic of a company. Tai-Shing has adhered to a people-oriented corporate culture for a long time. All thoughts and action are co-existence and co-prosperity in consideration of both TSE and employees. Every employee can promote at each stage of the career. There are perfect plans and systems for the argumentation or transfer, which can ensure that the whole human resource management always plays a promoting role during the company's sustainable development process. Through a series of processes about the recruitment, training, usage and assessment, motivation and adjustment to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, fulfill their potential, and create value for society。
Recruitment Through all kinds of internal and external methods, attracting talents to enter the group。
Selection Through various of assessments and interviews to ensure that talent meets the company’s corporate culture/values and capabilities。
Appointment Notify new staffs to report on reasonable, legal and competitive terms of appointment.。
Introduction New staffs will be trained by appointed trainer, shortening the period of adaptation of new staffs and developing their productivity.。
Evaluation Individual performance is one of the key factors that determine the survival of an enterprise. Through various of daily communication and periodic performance review, staffs can clearly understand the difference between ideal and reality, and then do adjustment and improvement.。
Development and retention Through promotion, job rotation, transfer, education and training, employees can use their talents, and take advantage of what you do best。